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Welcome Cleveland Clinic caregivers!

Finding a carpool, bike, or walking partner is as easy as Point, Click, Ride!






OhioRideShare has partnered with Cleveland Clinic to provide this special service to match fellow carpoolers, bike riders, and walkers that work at any Cleveland Clinic location in Northeast Ohio.


Now, when you sign up for OhioRideShare you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Search for matches whether you want to carpool, bike, or walk
  • Choose to only match with your fellow Cleveland Clinic caregivers
  • Expand your search to match with any neighbor based on your route and destination
  • Enroll here in the Guaranteed Ride Home program, and be covered in case of an emergency!

LINK TO OhioRideShare 


Cleveland Clinic also offers caregivers working at the Main Campus the following benefits:

  • Split your parking fee between your carpool members
  • All carpools are assigned to a covered parking garage
  • Carpoolers get up to 4 exceptions per month if they must drive alone on occasion
  • Bike riders get access to on-campus shower facilities


For more details visit on the Cleveland Clinic intranet.




OhioRideShare is a cooperative service offered by the Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (AMATS), the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments (Eastgate), and the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA).


Watch this space for more OhioRideShare news specific to Cleveland Clinic employees! 


Cleveland Clinic Disclaimer


You agree that the information you submitted ("Your Information") will be entered into the OhioRideShare database. You have the right to choose not to make Your Information public; however, doing so will prevent you from being matched, or searching for matches, with other OhioRideShare users. OhioRideShare and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation will use Your Information only for carpool matching purposes, to evaluate operation of this website and to provide you with information directly related to carpool matching. OhioRideShare will release Your Information to other participants in OhioRideShare for carpool matching purposes. Your Information will not be used or disclosed by OhioRideShare and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation for any other purpose.  Please refer to the OhioRideShare Privacy Policy for a detailed explanation of how user privacy is protected.


The OhioRideShare program is offered strictly as a convenience and service to commuters seeking ridematching services. It is provided based on the agreement that users of OhioRideShare accept full personal responsibility for any ride he or she may accept through this service. Due to potential personal risks when accepting or offering rides, all potential OhioRideShare users should exercise caution and discretion, and generally take whatever steps he or she deems necessary to ensure one's personal safety. OhioRideShare and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation accept no responsibility for actions of any individuals using the OhioRideShare program.


Components of the program:

  • OhioRideShare operates the carpool matching program solely for the convenience of participants. It provides carpool matching program participants with contact information for potential carpool members.
  • The Cleveland Clinic Foundation and OhioRideShare do not conduct background checks or certify the character of carpool matching program participants. We advise all carpool matching program participants to carefully interview potential carpool members and to select those who meet their personal satisfaction.
  • The carpool matching program is an optional service that you use at your own risk just as you would if you obtained a ride with a friend or relative. Participation in the carpool matching program and becoming a member of a carpool are individual decisions made by participants.
  • Participants are completely responsible for the operation of their respective carpools.
  • OhioRideShare, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the Cleveland Clinic Health System and its member facilities shall have no responsibility or liability for any claims, expenses or damages resulting from any individual's participation in the carpool matching program or membership in any carpool.
  • You acknowledge that if you are dissatisfied with the carpool matching program, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue participation in the program.