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EastGate (Youngstown area users)

Welcome Youngstown Area users...

Eastgate is pleased to offer OhioRideshare as a free service to the residents of northeast Ohio. OhioRideshare is a new service that provides anyone interested in forming a carpool the ability to quickly and securely identify potential carpool partners. Everything is done directly on the internet, you control the personal information that is shown to other carpoolers, so you know your information is secure. Contact possible carpoolers by email to discuss what your needs and expectations are and you're on your way! To register with OhioRideshare, click on the Register Now! button below.

Carpooling Advantages:

  • Decrease automobile expenses,
  • Lower stress,
  • Reduce pollution,
  • Gain useable time for riders--read, sleep, work, and talk,
  • Saves money by splitting commuting costs for fuel, tolls and parking.
  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Reduces need for parking spaces

PLEASE NOTE: Eastgate is in no way responsible for such matters as vehicle safety, passenger safety, or passenger convenience.